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      Bedspreads and bedding is our specialty, hence the name, The Bedspread Shop has over 30 years experience in comfortable sleep. We have bedspreads, comforters and coverlets, luxury pillows and pillow protectors, quilts, blankets and everything you need to turn your bedroom into a sanctuary of sleep and relaxation. Not only is it going to look great, it will also be so comfortable and cosy that you won't want to get up in the morning. Our bedspreads are available in both natural cotton and polyester materials, making them breathable, soft to the touch and less likely to cause allergies or cause irritation. See what bedspreads are currently on sale to get a better deal  and subscribe to our newsletter to get a 10% discount on your first order.

      Exquisite king and queen size bedspreads

      We have bedspreads fit for any taste and style. Order your king or queen size bedspread here to create the bedroom of your dreams. We have stunning traditional bedspreads with delicate patterns, floral motifs and a sophisticated colour pallet for that timeless classic bedroom look as well as more contemporary designs with bolder tones and minimalistic prints perfect for mixing and matching with other accessories. Browse our Linensmith Exclusive collection to see even more beautiful bedspreads and coverlets designed by us and lovingly made in Portugal. Get some marvelous Australian made bed linens made from 100% Egyptian cotton Percale and luxury pillows stuffed with premium Hungarian goose down to complete the picture and enjoy the best sleep you've ever had in years.


      FAQ about Bedspreads 2022

      What is bedspread? 

      A bedspread is a decorative cover that is used on the bed either as a stand-alone throw or in combination with other bedroom essentials such as comforters, pillows, etc. Bedspreads are a decorative element, but they are also needed for hygienic purposes and to make the bedroom look tidier. Bedspreads can be used as a warming piece during colder seasons too. For more convenience, we suggest you have more than one bedspread, because it’s good to wash them from time to time, and since they need to be line dried, every wash might take more than what you expect, and you need backups. 

      Which type of bed covers do I need? A bedspread, a coverlet, or a comforter? 

      While these terms are used quite loosely these days, there is conventionally a difference between these types of bed covers.

      A bedspread is a decorative light-weight large throw that covers pillows and extends to the floor.

      A coverlet is a smaller piece similar to a bedspread, but it doesn’t fall all the way to the floor - it falls midway. Also, it’s not large enough to cover pillows. Coverlets are for those who don’t like the size and look of a traditional bedspread and want something more modern.

      A comforter is basically a warm quilt - it has a filling layer. Comforters are used more for warmth rather than design purposes.

      To sum everything up - bedspreads and coverlets are similar, but bedspreads are traditionally larger, but they’re mostly decorative pieces, though you can sleep under them too. And the comforter is mostly for warmth rather than design. 

      The Bedspread Shop expertise in supplying high-end bedspread 

      We supply high-end bedspreads for both residential customers and commercial clients. 

      How to wash and clean luxury bedspreads

      One important thing to remember is - gentle careful wash in every step.

      1. Everything in the bedspread set should be washed separately
      2. Dark and light colours should be washed separately
      3. Cold, gentle machine wash
      4. Bedspread sets should be line-dried inside out
      5. Do not tumble dry
      6. If you want to iron it - warm iron in reverse
      7. Do not wring
      8. Do not bleach
      9. Do not dry clean

      18 products

      18 products