Cotton Nighties & Pyjamas

      5 reasons to wear nighties and pyjamas to bed

      A good cotton nighty can take your sleeping and relaxing routine to a whole new level. Here are some reasons for why it's important to have proper sleepwear:

      Pyjamas and nighties are designed to provide the maximum comfort. Usually made from lightweight cotton, silk or flannel, they are soft to the touch, breathable to keep you cool and designed to let you move around freely, making your sleep quality better by eliminating any possible discomfort or irritants.

      Pyjamas are versatile and can be seasonal as well. You can get a light cotton nightie to stay cool in the hot and humid summer nights or warm linen pyjamas with long sleeves and pants for extra warmth in winter.

      Having a certain routine before bed helps you fall asleep easier, so getting into the habit of putting on pyjamas can signal your brain that it's time to rest. By the time you're actually in bed, your body and mind will already be relaxed and ready to get some quality sleep.

      Girls' nighties are lovely and will make your daughters feel relaxed and ready for bedtime too. Clean, comfortable and stylish clothes affect your general attitude and boost your confidence. Wouldn't you feel so much nicer in a pretty cotton nighty or a matching set of pyjamas instead of an old faded T-shirt and sweatpants?

      Pyjamas are easy to store and carry around. They don't take much space in your luggage and they'll fit nicely in any drawer at your house.

      Now that you know the importance of quality sleepwear, let us show you why Bedspread is the best place to get pyjamas online.

      Stay pretty and comfy in our nighties and pyjamas

      Our luxuriously soft and beautiful ladies nighties will become your favorite clothes to wear not only to bed, but around the house in the evenings and mornings as well. Made from 100% pure cotton (except for our cozy linen pyjamas), they are light, breathable and very comfortable. The flowing fabric and slightly oversized fit provide you with total freedom of movement. Some of our nighties are also designed specifically to be accessible to those with limited shoulder movements, people with disabilities or elderly. They will make an excellent gift for your family members or friends along with some other luxury items from our gift section.

      Buy the best luxury nighties and women's pyjamas in Australia

      High-end and high-quality nighties are not just sleepwear, they can be a fashion statement and a perfect for a relaxing day of self-care. Pamper yourself with a beautiful designer cotton nightie, comfy pyjama pants with vibrant colours, luxurious kimono robes and exquisite bedspreads. Take a long soothing bath with the supplies from our bathing collection. Do some online shopping on The Bedspread Shop to get even more quality items for your body and soul. Take a peek at our on sale section and don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter to get 10% off of your first order. We offer free shipping on orders over $150, guaranteed to arrive quickly and safely right to your door.


      24 products

      24 products