Choosing the right pillow can mean the difference between taking on the morning, like with a spring in your step or making an appointment with the Chiropractor! Quality pillows are not necessarily a luxury but more an investment. Investing in sound sleep and good spinal health is worth every penny. Like Goldilocks, it's about finding the right fit for your sleeping style, body frame, budget and sleeping temperature. Consider the following when looking for your perfect pillow:

      Materials and fill- natural or man-made fibre fill? The more natural the product, the more breathable while man-made fibres may retain heat, which is not always good for sleep. “As cool as the other side of the pillow” is an expression worth remembering!

      Budget: Sleep is a worthy investment; however, we all have our budgets to consider. As a rule, good quality pillows will be pricey however they’re more economical in the long run than cheaper versions. Buy cheap buy twice is the golden rule- so if you want longevity, you generally have to pay a bit extra. Goose-down pillows, with good care and rejuvenation that lasts for years and years. Microfibre, while not as expensive, is down-like but will need to be replaced after a few years.

      Firmness: The firmness of the pillow will be dictated by your sleeping style. Firm for larger frames, mildly firm for side sleepers and less so for tummy and back sleepers. Although we recommend to try and not sleep on your tummy- it can create neck issues due to the twisting of your head. Best to keep a neutral spine.

      Styles of pillows to consider:

      1. Goose down feather
      2. Latex
      3. Microfibre
      4. Memory foam

      Goose down pillows

      Luxuriously soft, yet durable goose down pillow will provide you with years of support and comfort at night.. Goose-down pillows tend to be plusher, loftier, and hold their voluminous shape for longer, while duck-down is on the thinner side (though still soft) we recommend goose down for pure comfort. Danish Eiderdowns make hotel quality Australian made goose down pillows in various fill weights depending on your sleeping style and body size. Higher loft pillows are best for larger frames and/or side sleepers while tummy sleepers need a lower loft.

      Quality bedding can help turn your bedroom into a relaxing sanctuary that always ensures a good night’s rest.

      Danish Eiderdown pillows are world class and sound sleep is always worth the investment.

      Many of our Australian made collections include quilts, sheets, pillowcases, blankets, pillow protectors, and quilt covers. The Bedspread Shop is renowned for a wide variety of luxurious bedding and quality brands.


      Latex pillows offer a perfect combination of firmness and support. While latex is fairly firm, it is not so firm that it hinders the optimal support of your head and neck area. Latex pillows adjust to your movements and won’t go flat for many years. This means that they never need to be “fluffed.” Whether you sleep on your back or on your sides, latex will provide great support for a great night’s sleep. All types of latex are mildew-proof and antimicrobial.


      Microfibre is a synthetic material that is light and fluffy with superior hypoallergenic qualities. A versatile material, they can be made ultra-light for a cooling summer pillow, or with a higher GSM and fluffy loft for a cosy alternative to Duck Down Feathers for allergy sufferers. Microfibre pillows are also machine washable, so are a great low maintenance choice. Our Cooling Pillow is filled with 100% Microfibre, and is designed with extra ventilation in the sides and a customised outer with airflow technology, making this the ultimate pillow for hot sleepers.

      Memory foam

      Known for that sinking feeling when you rest your head on a Memory Foam Pillow, the sturdy synthetic foam will mould around your head when you sleep, but return to its regular shape as soon as your head leaves the pillow. This is the best choice if you suffer with neck or back pain or often wake up with pain around your pressure points, a Memory Foam Pillow will give you the firmest neck support. Memory Foam can absorb and hold onto heat, so it’s also a great choice for colder climates as it will stay warm throughout the night. Not great if you’re a hot bodied sleeper as overheating is a sleep disruptor

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