Danish Eiderdown FAQ's

Choosing a Danish Eiderdown can bring up some questions. We have compiled a list of our most asked.

Are Danish Eiderdowns suitable for all seasons?
Down is highly breathable, naturally wicking away perspiration and moisture, allowing it to evaporate and helping to regulate body temperature. For this reason, down quilts are versatile, providing warmth in winter but not too much in the warmer months.
Everyone has their own preferences for warmth and weight when sleeping.  The Danish quilt range comes in a selection of Lite, Standard and Extra fill weights to cater for your individual needs.

Are Danish Eiderdowns suitable for people with allergies?
Down and feather products, once properly cleaned, are naturally hypoallergenic. A superior quality down quilt or pillow will minimise the production of irritating dust mites, which are the principal source of allergies in bedding.
Danish Down and Feather fill is cleaned and processed to the highest international and Australian Standards. More information can be found here - Danish Eiderdown Certification 


Can Danish Eiderdowns be washed?
We recommend that they be washed and dried by a commercial cleaner, as domestic driers are not usually capable of fully drying the down filling.

How often should my goose down bedding be cleaned?
We recommend airing your down quilt or pillows regularly, say once a month.  We recommend having them professionally washed and dried every 18 to 24 months, for typical use.  Pillow protectors should be used and changed regularly.

Are down quilts easy to store?
Down compresses,  and your quilts and pillows can be rolled up tightly for storage, or even stored in a vacuum bag.

Where are Danish Eiderdowns made?
Danish Eiderdowns is located in Melbourne.

How long do Goose Down quilts last?
With proper care, Danish Eiderdown quilts and pillows will last for many years.


Can Danish Eiderdowns be re-cased?
If necessary, your Danish down quilt or pillow can be re-cased. Danish Eiderdowns offer a rejuvenation service for cleaning and re-casing. Quotes will be given after inspection of the quilt.

For more information or to dive deeper into Danish feel free to contact our team online or in store.