Stay warm and cosy with our range of blankets
      Wrap yourself in warmth and comfort with a blanket from our collection that is a perfect match for your style. The Bedspread Shop offers a selection of high-quality blankets that will last for many seasons, keeping you warm on the sofa and in bed.

      Our high-quality blankets are ideal for the bedroom, living room, and guest rooms, as they are reasonably priced, allowing you to choose a cosy blanket for each room. We ensure that blankets are made of high-quality materials to meet the high standards of every customer. 

      The Bedspread Shop also sells a range of bedding products that you might also like, including Danish eiderdown collections, quilts, sheets and pillowcases, pillows, and toppers and protectors. They are the ideal blend of style, comfort and functionality.

      Quality blankets made from Luxurious Fabrics
      Our high-end blankets also come in various styles and colours to match the décor of your bedroom and home. Brogo micro mink throws, Egyptian Cotton waffle blankets, Feather Down blanket, Jacquard blanket in terracotta, New Bliss waffle blankets, and Woolmark pure wool cot blankets are just a few of the blanket brands we offer.

      Blankets will round-out your bedroom decor
      Staying warm is essential in the winter, and there is no better feeling than waking up on a cold morning under the warmth and comfort of new blankets. Shop our cotton blankets online to keep yourself and your family warm on cold winter nights while providing supreme comfort and durability, as well as a great lighter layer to add to your bedding. All of our blankets come in colours inspired by all-natural hues to complement your living space. Now is the time to provide the ideal option for your bedroom! A new cosy blanket for the bedroom, whether it’s a cotton or a wool blanket, is an excellent investment for any room.

      Wool blankets providing long-lasting quality
      Australian wool blanket with two-stitched satin edges for ultimate comfort and warmth is considered to be a luxuriously soft premium product that comes in five simple tones. Choose a wool blanket for those cold winter days to maintain a natural glow in your home and give your styling a professional finish with a timeless look.

      We are confident that you will find what you are looking for in our extensive collection. We also have a variety of styles and colours to choose from. Wool blankets provide a thick, luxurious feel, whereas cotton blankets provide warmth and breathability with a light, natural feel. 

      Select the Perfect Blanket for Your Needs.
      Whether you are looking for wool, cotton, micro mink, or mohair blankets, The Bedspread Shop has a great variety of natural fibres and textures. Contact our friendly team for support today.

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      13 products