Pillows & Pillow Protectors

      Pillows are an investment in sleeping comfort. The right bed pillows is not only a joy it also helps maintain good spinal health. Pillows serve to keep the upper body in alignment during sleep, relieving pressure and counterbalancing the points in the body. The pillow should adjust to fit one's unique shape, curves, and sleeping position and alleviate any pressure points.

      Finding the right type of pillow will depend on your sleeping style. The loft, softness or firmness are features to consider and will vary for back, side and tummy sleepers.

      The position you sleep in has direct effects on your health. Sleeping position can affect your respiration, spinal alignment, and even wrinkling of the skin. There are proven ways to get a better night’s sleep by using the right pillow, with the right amount of fill, and sleeping in the right positions.

      Finding the Just Right pillow

      Your sleeping position and pillow work together to provide support for your head, neck and spine. Ideally, your spine is kept in what’s called a neutral position. A neutral sleeping position keeps all the bits and pieces in your back in an ideal posture, preventing unnecessary pressure on your discs, muscles and nerves. Keep your spine neutrally aligned and you’ll avoid discomfort (or worse).

      Your preferred sleep position will help determine the best type of pillow suited for you.

      Side Sleeping Position

      Sleeping on your side with the wrong pillow can interfere with sleep and even lead to serious neck or back pain.

      Sleeping on one’s side is the most common sleeping position. For most, it’s the instinctive and most comfortable way to sleep.

      Side sleepers will prefer a high-loft (thicker) pillow.

      This simply because there is more space to fill between your head and the mattress while on your side vs. other sleep positions. When you lie on your side, your pillow needs to be thick enough to keep your spine straight, but not so thick that it bends your neck out of alignment.

      Side sleepers will be most comfortable on a firm or extra-firm pillow.

      Back Sleeping Position

      Most sleep experts recommend back sleeping because it encourages better sleeping posture. Your head, neck and back are kept in a consistently neutral and comfortable position while on your back.

      Back sleepers will prefer thinner low-loft pillows

      The best pillow for back sleepers will adequately fill the space between yourself and the mattress, elevating your head only as high as is needed to achieve a neutral position. A pillow that’s too thick will elevate your head too high. As a result, your neck is bent upwards, potentially straining muscles, nerves and discs.

      Conversely, a pillow that’s too thin will result in an uncomfortable downward bend in your neck.

      Stomach Sleeping Position

      Avoid sleeping on your stomach as it’s difficult to maintain a neutral sleeping position.

      Sleeping on your stomach forces your head and spine into an unnatural upward bend. Staying in this position for hours on end is not good for your back or neck and can result in significant discomfort and restless sleep.

      Stomach sleepers will prefer low-loft pillows. A breathable pillow type that doesn’t retain heat will help to keep stomach sleepers cool.

      ‘’We stayed in a 5 star hotel and I had the best night’s sleep. I want that pillow!”

      A classic customer request heard, on a regular basis at The Bedspread Shop, fortunately we have the range and expertise to help our customers find that luxurious Hotel pillow.


      A goose down pillow is an investment in ultimate sleeping comfort. Danish Eiderdowns produce a series of pillows that are superior in loft and luxury than most 5 star hotels. Hotels use a mix of 70% down and 30% feather ( maximum comfort is created by the amount of down - feather is merely fill) Premium Danish Eiderdown Hotel pillows have a goose down content of 90% which makes the pillows luxuriously soft, easy to shape, cool to sleep on and last a very long time. Most sleep experts recommend goose down pillows for a good night's sleep.

      Danish Eiderdown Hotel goose down pillows come in different loft fills to cater for body frames and sleeping styles.

      The 3 main fills are high, medium and low loft

      Hotel High Loft 700gm fill weight Standard sized pillow 48 x 73cm High loft is ideal for larger frames and side sleepers. Generally recommended for larger frames to accommodate shoulder width and to maintain spine alignment 90% White Goose Super Down fill with a cotton cover

      Hotel Medium Loft 550gm fill weight Standard sized pillow 48 x 73cm Ideal for back or side sleepers. A medium to the high loft is best for side sleepers to accommodate shoulder-width depending on frame/shoulder size. The high loft is generally recommended for larger frames.

      Hotel Low Loft 400gm fill weight Standard sized pillow 48 x 73cm. Ideal for smaller frames and back or tummy sleepers. A lower loft will help keep the spine aligned in a back or tummy sleeping position.

      Goose down pillows and pillow protectors We recommend lightweight 100% cotton pillow protectors (non quilted) for goose down pillows to maintain loft.


      What are Pillow protectors?

      Pillow protectors are like pillowcases with specialised fabric that offers enhanced features for sleep comfort and protection of your pillow. A standard pillow protector adds a layer of fabric that prevents some light wear and tear which is associated with sleeping on a pillow. Over time, pillows can yellow, became stained and tear. Using some standard pillow protectors can prevent various types of damage.

      Are pillow protectors necessary?

      Pillow protectors, as the name implies protect your pillow from dust mites, bed bugs, oil and perspiration and increase the longevity of your pillow, and investment in sound sleep.

      How do pillow protectors work?

      Using a pillow protector on the bed pillows at all times is an especially good idea if users suffer from asthma or allergies. Many pillow protectors help alleviate allergy and asthma symptoms by preventing triggers from infesting bed pillows, allowing users to sleep better and breathe easier at night. Pillow protectors are keeping pillows cleaner and help breathing easier, they are also prolonging the life of the pillow. Keeping your bed linens clean is a must, and the best pillow protectors ensure your pillows stay as fresh as possible.

      Waterproof pillow protectors

      For the ultimate in health benefits, waterproof pillow protectors are essential for guarding against spills, sweat, accidents and stains. Waterproof pillow protectors prevents moisture and liquids from soaking into the pillow, A waterproof pillow protector will also prevent your pillows from staining caused by fluids, spills, and makeup. Choose a waterproof pillow protector that are manufactured from non-toxic, vinyl-free polypropylene. Ideal for use with young children, they keep liquids, oils and perspiration from seeping into your pillows, keeping them clean and fresh.

      Cotton pillow protectors

      Tightly woven cotton pillow protectors are good for breathability and cool, sleep comfort, they are similar to a standard pillowcase however the weave is much denser to prevent any bacteria from penetrating the pillow.

      Pillow protectors with a zippered closure are ideal, rather than a fold over closure as they ensure the pillow is fully secure and does the pillow does not slip out easily.


      Memory foam molds to fit each person since it's designed to respond to pressure and heat from the body. Once the weight of your body is lifted, the foam returns to its original form and shape.

      Retains Contours Memory foam retains excellent contour to your head, neck and shoulders. e This is important since it assists in keeping your spine aligned. Regular pillows tend to tilt your head in an incline.

      May Prevent Snoring Most pillows force your head to tilt upwards and closes off the air passages. The result is snoring. When your head remains aligned with your neck and spine with a memory foam pillow, these passages will remain open and often remedies snoring.

      Relieves Neck, Shoulder and Back Pain Many people who suffer from chronic neck, shoulder, and back pain find their memory foam pillows offer plenty of pros. The benefits of sleeping on a memory foam pillow can help people who suffer from neck, shoulder, and back pain. The pain can be from something as simple as computer work or as strenuous as physical labour.

      Relief From Pressure Points The pillow provides relief for pressure points that cause pain by distributing the weight and contouring to your head just as a memory foam mattress distributes the weight of your body. One of the benefits of a memory foam pillow is the relief of pressure points.

      14 products

      14 products

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Why are hotel pillows so fluffy?

      Hotel pillows are ‘fluffy’ due to the fill which consists of 70% down and 30% feather. The more ‘down’ in a pillow the more luxurious it will be. Hotel Danish Eiderdown high loft pillows are 90% down with minimal feather, making them supremely soft, fluffy and luxe.

      What is the best hotel pillow?

      The best Hotel pillows consists of 70% goose down and 30% feather. Goose down is a superior fill than duck down and doesn’t have an odour. Duck down and feather is best suited for cushion inserts/quilts

      What is memory foam pillow?

      Memory foam is a type of polyurethane foam that has been combined with chemicals to make it viscose, and elastic. This means it can slowly contour to your body when pressure is applied, and then regain its shape slowly once the pressure has been removed. pressure and heat from the body. Once the weight of your body is lifted, the foam returns to its original form and shape.

      Are memory foam pillows good?

      Memory foam pillows can often prevent snoring, relieve back, neck and shoulder pain and they mold to the sleepers frame and proportions

      How to wash memory foam pillow?

      Memory foam pillows can only be hand washed- they cant be machine washed or tumble dried. Best to hand wash in the bath with minimal detergent, rinse, wring out as best you can then leave in the sun to dry, perhaps on a clothes-horse so the air circulates all around for faster drying