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      Beautiful bedspreads and coverlets designed by us, made in Portugal the home of fine textiles

      Hamptons style Bedding

      In a Hamptons style bedroom, it’s all about natural fibres and textures in pure linen and 100% cotton. Consider white on white and perhaps blue tones in your accent cushions. Chinoiserie and trellis style cushions paired with plains are a winning Hamptons style bedding combination.

      When selecting Hamptons style bed linen the options are many. Quilt covers, coverlets, eiderdowns or classic bedspread are all on the table (or bed) it depends on personal preference. If the tone, texture and colours are on point it will always work. There are no hard and fast rules.

      Hamptons style bed linen Australia

      Cotton coverlets are popular choice when creating a Hamptons style bed. The classic coverlet is always quilted, generally in cotton and is often reversible which means more options for styling. The sizes may vary but as a rule they about the same size as a doona cover and they should fall just below the mattress. Coverlets are a more relaxed style of bedspread and they are the perfect layering accessory for both style and warmth.

      Linensmith coverlets and bedspreads are made of pure cotton and are crafted in Portugal, the home of fine textiles. Traditional bedspreads can also be styled as a coverlet by selecting a bed size down. If you have a queen bed and like the look of a traditional bedspread consider buying it in a double sizing. Traditionally bedspread should skim the floor however coverlets are smaller in size and designed to just cover the mattress.

      Linensmith bedspreads are perfect for styling as a less formal coverlet by selecting a smaller size- make sure you measure your bed width first so you can calculate how far the bedcover falls either side of the bed.

      Tip: to calculate the right bedspread width for your bed

      1. measure from the floor to the top of your mattress
      2. double that measurement
      3. Measure the width of your bed add it to above

      The Bedspread Shop has a wide variety of beautiful Hamptons bed linen and coverlets. Style then traditionally or in a relaxed informal way.

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      17 products

      Frequently Asked Questions

      The classic coverlet is always quilted and is often reversible which means more options for styling. Coverlets are both functional and decorative. They can provide an extra layer of warmth when needed and they are a beautiful way to layer a bed either formally or in a relaxed style

      Traditionally coverlets are made of cotton, including the fill however some have a poly fill or wading. Cotton coverlets are lightweight and breathable however polyfill tends to retain heat and does not have the same drape or handle as a cotton fill.

      A traditional bedspread falls to the floor however a coverlet generally drapes over the bed and covers the mattress, so they are much smaller in size. Coverlets are quilted and often reversible and can be styled using either side- bedspreads, as rule don’t have a reverse option. Old school bedspreads used to have a reverse sham feature which covered the pillows underneath. The reverse sham bedspreads are very neat and traditional in style. Coverlets also can also feature matching pillowcases to coordinate the look of your bed decor

      Coverlets are a wonderful Summer styling option. When the weather starts to warm up- put away the quilts, doonas and/or blankets, and layer your bed with a cotton coverlet and some crisp cotton sheets. Generally that is all you will need on a hot Summer night. Remember cotton casings and fill is best for breathability, especially in the warmer months

      Cotton coverlets are perfect for Spring, Summer and early Autumn however you will need extra layers in the winter months when the temperature drops in those early hours of the morning

      Traditionally bedspreads are designed to touch the floor- so it very much depends on the size of your bed and the size of the coverlet. A standard coverlet of 220 x 240cm would work as a bedspread on a single/double bed however would be too small as a traditional bedspread on a queen or king bed. Creating an all-over look with a coverlet ( much like a bedspread ) can be achieved with a coordinating valance. The look will be elegant and seamless, like a bedspread

      Coverlets are designed in rectangular sizing, generally they are not square in dimension- allowing for options to fit different sized beds. Classic coverlet sizes are 220 x 240cm, or the popular 240 x 260cm which can be used in ither a queen or king bed. If you need to know how much the coverlet will drape over your bed simply subtract the width(s) of the coverlet and your mattress then divide the difference by 2- that will give you an indication of how the coverlet will drape/drop over the side of your bed. As a rule its around 30 – 40cm either side

      Tip: Coverlet width minus Mattress width divided by 2 = drop/drape over the bed

      Quilts are generally heavier than a coverlet due to the fill content. Quilts are designed for warmth and coverlets ar for layering and additional warmth in the Summer months