Hotel Luxury MEDIUM LOFT Pillows

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MEDIUM LOFT Goose Down Pillows | Made in Melbourne

90% Goose down

An investment in ultimate sleeping comfort. Most 5 star hotels use a mix of 70% down and 30% feather. The essential ingredient for maximum comfort is the percentage of down as feather is merely used as fill.

Our premium Danish Eiderdown pillows have a down content of 90% (virtually 100%)

Goose down pillows are luxuriously soft, easy to shape, cool to sleep on, and last a very long time. Most sleep experts recommend goose down pillows for a good night's sleep.

Medium Loft

550gm fill weight Standard sized pillow 48 x 73cm Ideal for back or side sleepers. A medium to the high loft is best for side sleepers to accommodate shoulder-width depending on frame/shoulder size. The high loft is generally recommended for larger frames.

90% White Goose Super Down fill with a cotton cover

Low Loft and High Loft Hotel pillows also available

Pillow protectors are an absolute necessity for protecting against dust-mites and helping to keep your pillows in good condition.
We recommend lightweight 100% cotton pillow protectors (non quilted) to maintain loft.

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Please note: Australian Standards 2479-1987 Tolerances allowed under the above standard are not acceptable to the ACCC, therefore there is no longer 100% labeling permitted on products. This goose down of European origin has been processed by International Down and Feather Bureau Member to Australian standards.