Velvet Cushions

      The velvet cushion is the unsung hero of many a luxurious interior.

      Often considered textile royalty with it’s long association with ceremonial robes velvet fabrics have a classic pedigree. Investing in a few velvet cushions is an effortless way to add luxurious colour and lustre to your home.

      Velvet cushions for all seasons

      Irresistibly sumptuous and tactile, lush velvet cushions in rich, saturated hues catch and reflect light creating a lustrous sheen. Traditionally a winter decorator piece, velvet cushions have now become a must-have for any season due mainly to colour trends shifting from the conventional rich, dark toned velvet palette.

      Mixing fabrics and textures

      As a feature decorator cushion velvets coordinate well with decorator pieces in plains and patterns in similar hues.
      Velvet is a blissful accompaniment to fur due to it’s subtle movement and natural sheen without being over-the-top. Fur creates the warmth and volume while velvet creates sophistication resulting in a winter-perfect duo. Velvet and silk will always be a killer combination and a linen sofa with a shot of velvet is very on trend.

      Irresistibly tactile

      Fabric is as much about touch as it is about looks and there are very few textiles which feel as opulent and calming as velvet. A few velvet cushions will transform a sofa and bed with sumptuous accents will make even more inviting; even a simple vestibule bench can be softened up with a touch of velvet.

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      2 products