European Style Beddings & Linen

      Portugal is famous for its high quality and experience in the making of bed linen, bedspreads and other textile products for the home. Both traditional and modern techniques still go hand in hand in with the production of bedding and bed linen.

      This combination of craftsmanship and modernity has given the denomination "Made in Portugal" such an important weight in the industry of interior decoration for the home. This results in high quality luxury bedding which is renowned throughout the world.

      A classic style of European bedding, made in Portugal is the elegant jacquard weave bedspread. Lightweight woven cotton and cotton blend bedspread sets and coverlets that have a beautiful handle and drape. Quality, timeless bedding that lasts and can be effortlessly styled throughout the seasons.

      The matelassé bedspread is another timeless European classic and perfect addition to a Hamptons inspired decorating style. The matelassé (mat-la-say) is a woven textile, generally in cotton with a self-pattern of raised cotton stitching. Matelasse bedcovers are traditionally made in one colour (notably white) however the textural surface of the design creates interest and can be layered with colourful throws or cushions. Our Linensmith collection has a variety of European bedspreads sets perfect for lovers of inspired interiors and bedroom sanctuaries.

      To create a luxurious bedroom sanctuary, it’s always best to start with quality, natural fibre textiles. Natural fibre textiles are renowned for their soft handle and breathability- which is important for sleep comfort. Artificial fibres lock in the heat and over heating is a big sleep disruptor. It’s always best to sleep in a slightly cool room with natural linens, wool or cotton fibres that allow your body to adapt to changes in room temperature during the night.

      Creating a timeless look with European bedding is effortless once you have the basics. Starting with sheeting in quality cottons or linens then adding your top of bed layer – such as a quilt cover, coverlet or bedspread.

      Your bedroom décor style:

      Hamptons styling is for lovers of a fresh palette inspired by the colours of Summer and the sea. Opting for a matelassé bedspread set, fresh white Egyptian cotton sheets, a blanket and patterned soft furnishings in cushions and throws. Blue and white is a Hamptons favourite. Chinoiserie cushions for pattern, waffle weave cotton European blankets for texture and either a white or soft blue/sage bedspread will create a stunning Hamptons bed. Our Linensmith collection has a beautiful range of European jacquard weave bedspread sets in white, natural, sage and wheat in standard Australian bed sizes. If you prefer a coverlet style of bedcover, that covers the mattress and doesn’t reach the floor select a size down in the menu – eg. For a queen bed consider a double bedspread size. All our bedspread sets include pillow shams for a coordinated decorator look.

      Lovers of luxury will definitely need opulent textures, such as velvet coverlets or cushions to layer across a European bedspread in a similar palette. Luxe styling can be relaxed or formal depending on your taste.

      Formally styled beds are covered from head to foot with little sheeting or bedding on display, they tend to be layered symmetrically with throws folded evenly across the bed and cushions neatly placed.

      Relaxed luxe styling is ruffled and messy with all the textures on display creating a feast of fibres from cotton to linen and luminous velvet. Asymmetrical folds create texture, pattern and movement so you don’t have to go overboard with bedlinen colour or design. Consider our stunning Maison silk velvet coverlets and our Inca range of luxe cushions -all available in our exclusive Linensmith Collection.

      Traditional bedroom style start with a bedspread (that skims the floor) in a pattern or plain. Our European bedspreads come in a variety of standard Australian sizes from single to super king. Layer with European flannelette sheets and a classic woollen blanket for Winter and Egyptian cotton sheets and lightweight cotton waffle for the Summer. Our European bedspread sets come with matching pillow shams so the bed will look coordinated and finished.

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      14 products