TRAVEL Pillows Premium 50

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Travel lightly, sleep soundly

Melbourne by Danish Eiderdowns

Pack our signature travel pillow and enjoy better rest on car trips, air travel or camping. Boasting the same superb quality as our full-size bed pillows, these compact versions are superbly soft, perfect for behind the neck or in the small of your back.

All our Travel pillows come in a lightweight, protective Danish Eiderdown carry bag.

We now offer two Travel pillow options to cater for both comfort and budget:

Premium 50 

50% goose down and 50% feather is soft (marginally firmer than the Deluxe 90) and easy to shape for sleeping comfort

Fill weight options

50% Down + 50% Feather


  • 30cm x 48cm | White goose down
  • Danish Eiderdown carry bag
  • Compact and supportive comfort
  • Easily stowed in luggage | carry on bag
  • Pillowcases sold separately

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Please note:

Australian Standards 2479-1987 Tolerances allowed under the above standard are not acceptable to the ACCC, therefore there is no longer 100% labeling permitted on products. This goose down of European origin has been processed by International Down and Feather Bureau Member to Australian standards.