Why Choose Down Doonas?

Sometimes the range of available quilts can be a little overwhelming these days, do you opt for cotton, wool, synthetic or down? Each has their own qualities and it’s a good idea to note your preferences to help identify which type will be most comfortable for you.

Our team of experts at The Bedspread Shop are on hand in store or online to help navigate the various quilt options and explain the properties of each filling. Down doonas are an excellent option for those that feel the cold, or for general winter use in colder parts of the country. If you enjoy curling up inside cosy bedding our heavier weight quilts containing extra fill will really fit your bill. Many of these fine quality products come with guarantees of up to 7 years.

If your down quilt appears flat on unpacking, remember that the feathers inside each panel require space to regain their full loft, shaking the quilt and leaving it uncovered for a while will allow this to occur. Our doona range is typically filled with European goose down and is available in single through to super king sizes. The quilts are usually cassette or channel construction and come in a variety of casing fabrics.

Our collection aims to suit a variety of needs and budgets. Choose from our premium goose eiderdowns encased in high thread count cotton, or a walled and channel construction if you prefer to adjust the warmth of your quilt with the up and down movement of fill.