Where to find long lasting Actil First Line Sheets

Looking for long lasting sheets that soften with every wash then consider actil first line sheets? They were first used in hotels for their luxurious feel, these sheets are 100% cotton and have been in Australia for over 60 years.

When shopping for a new bed sheet set there is a lot to consider. Is it affordable? Does the style match the room? Does it have an amazing feel? You want to make sure you are buying premium and affordable quality that will last you. Well, actil first line sheets tick all the boxes.

The Bedspread Shop has a range of actil first line sheets available for single beds, double beds, queen beds and king beds and even offer commercial sheets at their discounted rates. These sheets have a long and proven reputation for their incredible durability and luxurious feel. The brand reputation of Actil(Australian Cotton Textile Industries)has seen their sheets be the first choice for hotels and homes for many decades.

Because of their 100% heavy cotton muslin with 140 thread count, they become softer and gentler every time you wash them. They can be warm machine washed, tumble dried and are safe to iron too. These sheets are uniquely designed with ring spun yarn to ensure maximum comfort over the course of their long duration.

The Bedspread Shop has actil first line sheets and many more brands available in their extensive range. Head over to their website or visit them in store to pick up some of the softest and luxurious bed sheets you can own. Make sure that you are sleeping on only the finest bed sheets with high-quality material by visiting The Bedspread Shop today.