Looking for a classic, traditional bedspread?


If you love classic decor then a traditional bedspread, with a contemporary edge provides the finishing touch. Quality, style and longevity are all important when looking for a bedspread. Our Bianca bedspreads effortlessly compliment any bedroom décor, style, quality and comfort is not hard to find at The Bedspread Shop in Melbourne.

If you prefer the classics consider Belle - an exquisite provincial style bedspread, lightweight and finished with a scalloped edge. The elegant gold embroidery contrasts against a subtle ivory background, making Belle a timeless piece and one that can be enjoyed for years to come.

Available in double, queen and king sizes with the option of adding a coordinating cushion to complete the look. Create an elegant and luxurious bedroom with the classic Belle.

To view our Bianca bedspreads visit traditional bedspreads on our website to find out more information.