Things Around Your Home that Could be Setting off Your Allergies

There are plenty of items that could be setting off your allergies without you even realising it. From your doona in your bedroom to your couches in your lounge room, we’ve got a list of items that could just be the root cause of your sneezing and coughing as soon as you sit down after a long day at work:


Pet Hair

Many allergy sufferers don’t realise that pet hair can trap itself into the fibres of your couch cushions, rugs and carpet. If you have pets, it’s vital that you not only vacuum the floor regularly, but that you also vacuum the couch and the couch cushions as well.


Some indoor plants actually set off allergies. These can be anything from orchids to different types of ferns. If you are unsure about your own indoor plants do some research.

Household Cleaning Products

Some household cleaning products are enough to make anyone sneeze and get teary. If you seem to get hay fever every time you do the housework, it doesn’t necessarily mean you are allergic to house work, although that would be a dream come true. It could just be a matter of using cleaning products that aren’t as harsh, or using natural products to get the cleaning done.

Your Bath Mat

You step out of the shower onto the bath mat everyday but how often do you clean it? The fact is that your mat could be harbouring hidden nasties including mold which can play up on your allergies. Opt for a washable bath mat that you can clean weekly and always make sure that you hang it up to dry and open a window once you’re finished.


Books not only collect dust, but in humid conditions they can be the prefect breeding ground for mold. To stop this from having an impact on your sleeping patterns, make sure that book shelves are regularly dusted and try to keep books out of the bedroom.


The warm body temperatures and the fibres of your pillow make the perfect home for dust mites. Pillows should be changed on a regular basis or another option is to buy a dust mite repellent pillow cover.

Your Doona

Just like the rest of your bed linen your donna cover needs to be washed on a regular basis. But what about the doona itself? Some quilts are made from fibres that are guaranteed to set off those that are prone to hay fever. If you think that your doona could be the root cause of your allergies playing up at night, perhaps it’s time to get a new hypoallergenic doona.

There are plenty of things around your home that could be setting off your allergies without you even knowing it. By not giving dust mites a chance to live in peace, and minimising the elements around your home that could be giving you hay fever symptoms, you should find that you’ll be able to relax and enjoy spending time at home without the constant nose blowing and itchy red eyes.