The truth about thread count


The term thread count has become a very popular buzz-word and is often considered a simple measure of fabric quality. HOWEVER it’s not the only way to determine the quality of luxurious sheets...


Egyptian cotton is considered to be the best in the world, due to the strength of it’s extra-long fibres [ less joins in the fibres helps to prevent pilling ] Think of the difference between plaiting long thick, evenly cut hair as opposed to coarse layered hair and you’ll understand how inferior cotton, with short fibres pills/breaks easily. 
Look for 100% Egyptian cotton, via Egypt before considering thread count.


A good range to consider when buying sheets is anywhere between 200-900tc. A lower [ 220tc ] sheet using 100% Egyptian cotton will last longer and always feel nicer than a higher [ 600tc ] sheet woven from inferior cotton. A high count is not always an indication of superior quality.
Remember, ten Fords don’t make a Jaguar!


The feel of the fabric is determined by 2 classic weaves
Percale (pronounced per-kale, as in the vegetable) and Sateen
Percale is crisp and cool, like a classic button down shirt.
Sateen has a slight sheen with a silky, smooth feel
The weave is a personal choice, based on the feel of the fabric.