Our top 5 St Albans Blankets

When it comes to the comfort, feel and quality of a blanket, St Albansis a name that frequently comes up. They are the perfect type of blanket for keeping you toasty and warm during the cold winter nights, are luxuriously comfortable with a soft and gentle feel, and are made from some of the finest materials available. At The Bedspread Shop, we have a premium range of St Albans blankets in different designs, colours and sizes. Here are our top five picks that will suit any interior décor:

1. St Albans Blanket Light Blue

 Available in a beautiful light blue and mauve colour with a traditional yet elegant pastel shade, our St Albans Light Blue Blanket is the perfect complement to any bedroom. Featuring luxurious Mohair wool that has been sourced from respected and ethical Angora goat farms across Australia and in South Africa, this beautiful St Alban blanket will keep you cool in summer while snug and warm in winter.

2. St Albans Throw Blanket Granite

Our elegant St Albans Granite Throw Blanket has a two-tone base that incorporates a white and intense grey colour palette to create a multi coloured and unique melange style. As the perfect way to inject depth into a décor that uses neutral colours, it is made from Huacaya Alpaca wool that has been sourced directly from Peru in the highest farming region.

3. St Albans Throw Blanket Checkers

As part of our high-quality range of St Albans blankets, the St Albans Chequered Throw Blanket uses light grey, natural and charcoal colours to create a stylish yet subtle three-toned check pattern. Our St Albans throw blankets are breathable, lightweight, fire-resistant and incredibly soft. Whether it is thrown over the bed, draped over the couch or styled however you see fit, this throw blanket will add style and depth to any room.

4. St Albans Blanket Natural

Made from 100% Alpaca wool, our St Albans Natural Blanket is naturally water repellent, breathable and is hypoallergenic, which is ideal for people that may be sensitive to certain materials or have certain allergies. This naturally silky and incredibly soft blanket is the perfect way to keep snug and warm during the cold and sometimes unforgiving Melbourne winter nights. Available in King size, it’s the ideal blanket for ensuring you and your partner aren’t fighting over who is stealing most of the blanket.

5. St Albans Throw Blanket Artic

The St Albans Artic Throw Blanket features a detailed stripe pattern that uses natural and grey colours to create a beautiful throw blanket that has textural and neutral undertones. With a modern yet unobtrusive style, it provides a superior level of comfort while remaining conveniently breathable and lightweight. Whether it’s the main bedroom, living room or the spare room, this beautiful throw blanket blends into any décor perfectly.

When looking for a blanket that is stylish and luxuriously soft and comfortable, our range of St Albans blankets from The Bedspread Shop is the perfect choice. Browse our website to find out more, and for all the information you need regarding our entire range of bedding products.