Looking For Quality Super King Bed Linen?

Our bed is the thing we look forward to the most after a long day at work. Once the lights go out and we put our phone on charge, it’s time for bed. The only thing better than a comfy bed is one with brand new bed linen. At The Bedspread Shop, we have a high-quality range of bedding and bed linen with sizes ranging from single to super king bed linen.

Linensmith, our exclusive range of bedspreads includes sizing from single to super King. Designed by us and made in Portugal, the bedspreads are manufactured to Australian standard sizing. Bedspreads are designed to skim the floor however mattress depth is an ever increasing variable and getting the right drop may require some measuring before purchasing

How to measure your bed for the right bedspread fit.
The width of the bed is the most measurement you need. When you calculate the width you are able to estimate how far the bedspread will drape either side of the bed. 

Here's how: (using queen bed sizing)
Measure from the floor to the top of your mattress = 59cm
Double it = 118cm
Measure across the bed ( mattress width ) = 152cm
Add all = 270cm

Our Egyptian cotton sheets are made right here in Melbourne and have a 900thread count of genuine Egyptian cotton, so they have a luxurious feel and are cool during the summer months. They are available in colours such as charcoal, white, taupe and ecru, and come in every size to fit your bed ranging from single, queen, king and super king sizes. Australian made and chemical free, ensuring that even customers with skin allergies will have a comfortable night’s sleep. Our range of Egyptian cotton comes in all sizes from single (long single & king single too!) to super king and sets include two pillowcases.

We also cater for bespoke sizes, for customers that need tailor made bed linen for yachts or for beds purchased overseas. Any dimension, just call our Malvern store for details (03) 9500 1222

For quilts ideal for you and your partner, our Danish Eiderdowns H&H (His & Hers) quilt is made in Australia and perfect for couples as it caters to different temperature requirements. One side has a warmth rating of medium whereas the other side of the quilt has 30% less fill, which makes it the cooler and lighter side, and is available in many different sizes including super king size.

For superior comfort and quality, our Danish Eiderdowns Royale quilt steals the show featuring a fill of 95% Hungarian goose down, offering maximum comfort and temperate control. This quilt features a German/Swiss cotton batiste casing in the boxed cassette style which keeps it beautifully warm and lightweight- customers are often very surprised at the superior warmth and lightness of the Royale quilt. Available in many sizes as well as super king size.

When looking for super king bed linen and quilts, look no further than The Bedspread Shop. Visit our website for information on our extensive and high-quality range of bedding and bed linen.