Looking For Luxuriously Soft Cotton Blankets?

Summer in Australia is long and hot during the day, and can be worse at night. We’ve all had one of those nights where falling asleep just seems an impossible task due to the heat. Our bodies emit a lot of heat and the ideal room temperature is around 20°C to fall asleep, which can be hard to achieve during the intense Australian summer. Sure there is air conditioning, but that is expensive. With cotton blankets, not only does it keep you cool but it also creates an incredibly comfortable bed to collapse into every night.

At The Bedspread Shop, our Luxor Cotton waffle blankets are proudly Australian made with 100% Egyptian cotton, which has been woven and grown in Egypt. Because the material is so soft and breathable, it allows any air to freely circulate and move through the cotton, resulting in a comfortable, cool and luxuriously soft blanket that is great for all year round. Available in queen and king sizes, our pure Egyptian cotton waffle blankets are a must have for this summer.

When it comes to style, comfort and quality, our Portuguese Marcell as in white and ecru tick all the boxes. The fabric has been woven to produce a quilted raised surface with a classic embossed style, a perfect complement to any bedroom decor. Its superior quality is due to the 100% cotton that has been woven in Portugal at a traditional textile mill that has been producing high-quality products for many years.

It is available in three designs which are Alison, an embossed floral pattern, Flores, an embossed floral and vine design that has a smaller geometric repeated pattern in the background, and Sara, a beautiful embossed repeating diamond pattern. All the designs feature 100% cotton, a straight hemmed edge style and are ideal for either summer or all year round due to the high-quality cotton material.

Beat the heat this summer with our luxuriously soft and stylish cotton blankets from The Bedspread Shop. Browse our website for more information on our extensive summer blanket range.