Cellular Blankets, lightweight beauties

Like Australia, Great Britain has a thriving wool industry that exports to the world. Just like our home grown producers and designers, they too are renowned for outstanding quality and innovative weaves and patterns. At The Bedspread Shop we source and curate classic bedding from all over the world. 

The offering from one of England’s finest manufacturers, Hainsworth, are constructed from 100% pure new wool and reflect the highest quality for which this brand is renowned Cellular Blankets. The Atkincel cellular blankets fills a gap in the Australian market since the design stopped being made here and it’s been a tricky task to find an international alternative that was comparative. The demand has been high, as this particular weave is ideally suited to the wide temperature fluctuations that many parts of the country experience.

The range by John Atkinson utilises this classic weave to full advantage and creates a blanket that encloses air in pockets, which serve to reduce the overall weight without compromising on warmth. The contemporary styling nods to the past with satin edging and a range of appealing pastel colours including ivory, pale blue and caramel. The liberal sizing means singles through to super king can be comfortably wrapped in delicate heat during cooler evenings.

Well known for selecting only the finest wool, these throws offer a luxurious feel and are hand finished to complete an exquisite product. Visit us in store, or shop online to experience this naturally stunning collection.