Have a Gander at Goose Down Pillows

Do you have difficulty sleeping? Have you invested in a new mattress but still find your bed uncomfortable? It might be your pillow that’s causing the problem.

If your pillow is old or has not been washed recently it is a breeding ground for mould and dust mites. An accumulation of these can bring on an allergic reaction with symptoms such as sneezing, a runny or blocked nose and watering eyes. Whilst some pillows can be washed they should be replaced each year for optimum hygiene. An allergen cover underneath a pillowcase can extend the life of a pillow by slowing down the opportunity for mould and dust to grow.

Another common reason for poor sleep is the height of the pillow. If you typically sleep on your side or stomach your pillow needs to be low enough to keep your spine and neck in a single straight line position, it it’s too thick your neck will be at an uncomfortable angle. This can create spinal or shoulder pain and even lead to headaches. A higher pillow is required for back sleepers to elevate the head slightly to minimise snoring, by trying to keep the soft palette from falling all the way to the back of the throat which makes the characteristic vibrations. Of course if you are uncomfortable and not sleeping well, if you share a bed then your partner will also be impacted by your discomfort. Investing in the right pillow therefore makes a lot of sense for both of you.

Here at The Bedspread Shop our knowledgeable team is experts in pillows and finding the right one to suit you. We have an extensive range of latex, memory foam or goose down pillows from the top brands which are designed to give you the best night’s sleep.