Bedroom Decor Ideas that Won’t Date

When you are redecorating your bedroom there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. From the colour of your walls to your bed linen, you want to keep everything in sync, and looking it’s best for many years to come. Here, we’ve got a great list of tips and hints for bedroom decor that won’t leave you needing to re-do the entire room once again in a few years:

Choose Neutral Colours

You may love lolly pink right now, but chances are your feelings will fade as time passes. You also need to think about how everything will look in a few years time. Choosing neutral colours, such as white, off white, soft earthy tones or pastels will ensure that your room will not only be easy to decorate, but it will also last the test of time.

Keep in mind also, that neutral tones and soft colours are always preferred over dark, bright colours for the bedroom, according to Feng Shui.

Choose a Timeless Theme

Firstly, look at the rest of your home. If you want to match it to that, then go ahead. If you are starting from scratch, here are a few ideas that will definitely last the test of time:

  • Country manor lookIf you love the country style look of blue checkered bed linen and light coloured wood then the country look may be just what you want to create. Keep it simple at first by building up with light wood furniture and soft checked bedding.
  • Minimalist lookThink white finishes and simple touches of silver or grey. This look simply won’t date and is great for keeping things look fresh, clean and simple.
  • RomanticFor large spaces the romantic look with four poster bed, French provincial furniture and luxurious bed linens will look truly fantastic. One thing to be careful of with this is making sure everything looks the part. One item or piece of furniture can really throw this look off.
  • OrientalOriental styled bedrooms often have low lying beds, minimalistic decorative elements, and usually incorporate green, black and neutral tones into the room with ferns, maybe a feature wall and bed linen with minimal patters and textures.

Create a Feature Wall

Earlier on we said that keeping the walls simple was best and while most times it is, if you really want to change your room and don’t have the budget to completely redecorate, a feature wall using wall paper can really look stunning. This wall is usually the one behind your bed head. Use your own discretion and choose something you know you’ll love for years to come.

Invest in Quality Bed Linen

Nothing injects a fresh look into any room than some great new bed linen. Investing in a quality doona and other bedding will not only ensure you get a good nights sleep, but it also gives your room an instant lift.

There are so many great ways that you can redecorate your bedroom. Whether you want to start from scratch, or work with what you’ve already got. I hope our list of ideas has given you some useful inspiration to ensure your bedroom makeover not only looks great, but lasts the test of time as well.