7 Tips for Creating a Tranquil Atmosphere in your Home

Creating a tranquil atmosphere in your home is all about using the right colours, decor and scents to promote relaxation. There are a few steps that you can take to help transform your home into your own personal haven. From choosing the right bedlinen to selecting the right colour palette for your home, we’ve got some great ideas to help kick start your home makeover:


Nothing feels more chaotic than a cluttered, messy house. Before you do anything you need to clean up everything in your home and throw out any items you no longer use or need. The less items taking up space the better.

Choosing the Right Colours

Colours can have a big impact on our mood. If we are surrounded by bright colours constantly, the effect is often less calming than if we surround ourselves with soft pastels, blues and greens. Think about what colours make you feel relaxed and calm, and use these as a guide to consider the colour schemes in the major rooms of the house.


If the lighting is too harsh in any room of the house, it can be hard to relax. Experiment to find the right level of lighting you prefer. You may want to install a dimmer into your overhead lights or place lamps at different ends of the room to disperse light softly. Candles are also a great way to throw light around a room without the need to turn on garishly bright ceiling lights.


Certain smells definitely help us relax. That’s why you may want to invest in some quality scented candles. Lavender is one scent that most people find calming and relaxing. Try out a few and see which one you like best.


Although every one’s different, some music is often more relaxing for most than others. Buy yourself a selection of Cd’s or mp3’s that you can play when you get home from a long day at work and listen to as you soak in a warm bath. This could be anything from jazz, to classic music or even ambiance or sounds recorded from nature.

Visual Elements

To create a tranquil atmosphere in your home, you need to have calm and peaceful images represented on the walls. If you’re creative, try your own hand at making a series of colour block canvas’s. A series of three canvas’s in different shades of blue on a white wall can look very effective and are not hard to make either.

Boost the Level of Comfort

Making your home your oasis is all about making it as comfortable as possible. Invest in a quality doona, bed linen and pillows in the bedroom and make sure you have throws and comfortable cushions to use in the lounge room. Comfort should be your main priority. You can’t relax if you aren’t comfortable.

Ultimately, it’s all about personal preference when it comes to what constitutes tranquility in a home. But guaranteed, if you follow even just a few of our tips, you’ll find that your home will not only feel more peaceful, but it will become a much more relaxing environment to be in as well.