6 Tips for Maximising the Space in Your Bedroom

If you are dealing with a small bedroom fortunately there is a few things you can do to maximise your space. From the little things, like choosing a bright white doona cover to give the illusion of more space to purchasing a small bed with inbuilt storage units underneath, we’ve got some great suggestions to get you started:


The first thing that you need to do is rid your room of any additional clutter, storage boxes or clothing and other items that you no longer use. You are bound to have more items than you realise that are simply accumulating dust and taking up space in your bedroom. Be ruthless with things you no longer have use for.

Space saving furniture

When you are dealing with a small space you need to be clever about the type of furniture that you buy. For instance, if you don’t want to compromise on the size of your bed but need a decent working space in your room as well, why not purchase a loft style bunk with a double or queen bed on top and a spacious office desk underneath?

If you are struggling with the amount of items you need stored, why not purchase a bed that has a number of storage drawers underneath it? There are so many different options it’s just a matter of finding the right solution to meet your needs.

Multifunctional items

If you want to be entertaining in your room and don’t always want the space taken up by your bed, why not consider having a sofa bed or futon which can work as a lounge as well as a place to sleep?

Maximising wall space

As much as you can, use the wall space you have to create open and closed shelving, whatever you prefer. Having shelves, mirrors and other things in your room on the walls rather than on the floor, frees up a lot of space, without having to take the items out of your bedroom.

Utilise the space you have in other rooms of the house

Chances are, if you have an entertainment unit in your bedroom, it will be taking up tonnes of room. Take this out of your room and maximise the use of the family room or living room by designating that space as the area for watching television.

Creating the illusion of more space

There are plenty of ways that you can actually create the illusion of having more space. Firstly, your bed linen and wall hangings should be white or in neutral tones. The same rule should apply to window and plantation shutters coverings. Too many loud colours will only clutter the room up, making it feel overbearing. Secondly, use mirrors where possible to create the illusion of a larger room.

Maximising the space in your bedroom is all about knowing how to minimise the different elements with the clever placement and arrangement of furniture and other items. I hope our list of tips has given you lots of inspirational hints for optimising the amount of space in your bedroom.