6 Romantic Feng Shui Tips for Your Bedroom

Your bedroom is a place of rest. A place where you should feel safe, calm and at peace. It stands to reason that all of these things can promote romance, and if they’re off balance, you might need to consult some of these important feng shui tips. From the colour of your bed linen to the de-cluttering of your room, we’ve got all of the important tips for making your bedroom the romantic haven you’ve always wanted it to be:

Get rid of clutter

Feng shui is all about the positive flow of energy through a space. If your room is too cluttered, you need to start by getting rid of anything in your room that doesn’t need to be there. This includes work documents, exercise equipment and anything else that is not directly related to promoting rest and relaxation.

Out with the old

Whether it’s an ex partner’s old jumper or a piece of framed artwork, anything that you’ve accumulated from past relationships needs to go. Old love letters shouldn’t be kept unless they are from the one whom you are currently with.


One way to promote romance in your bedroom is to use the right imagery on the walls. Images of people standing by themselves for instance should be removed and put in other areas of your home. Choose artworks for your room that are romantic, soft and pleasing to look at. These items should be hung in two key places. On the wall opposite the foot of the bed and the space in the room you first look at when entering the space.

Items in pairs

Fill your room with things that represent romance to you. Try to put these items in pairs. Everything from decorative pillows to ornamental pieces should always be put together.

Your bed and bed linen

If you have a king-sized bed, consider downsizing to a queen. People often think the bigger the bed the more luxurious, but they often forget that this also creates more distance between them and their partner. Your bed linen is also very important. Splurge on high thread count sheets, quality pillows and a doona that is lightweight and promotes ultimate comfort.

Using the right colours

Warm colours are always the best shades to use when promoting romance in your bedroom. Think soft pinks and corals for a subtle flush of colour, or crimson and burgundy to really inject some passion into your bedroom. You can do this by creating a feature wall, selecting bed linen which incorporates these colours or even purchasing imagery for your walls that’s filled with warm tones.

Feng shui has been used for centuries to help people achieve the life they want. As you can see, there is even some great ways to promote romance in your room by using the principles of feng shui. I hope our list of tips has given you some constructive guidance for reigniting the flame and passion in your relationship, by transforming your bedroom into a romantic haven for you and your partner.