Where To Find Luxurious Bath Towels In Australia

Bath towels might not sound that luxurious, but nothing beats wrapping yourself up in a fluffy, fresh and soft towel after stepping out of a warm and relaxing shower or bath. At The Bedspread Shop, we have a range of luxurious bath towels in Australia made from delicate cotton which provide a soft yet durable bath towel for your bathroom. So, what’s so great about a cotton bath towel?

  • Chemical-Free

As cotton is a natural product, it doesn’t contain any chemicals. It is also absorbent, which apart from being a big (and necessary) benefit for a bath towel, it also is great for exfoliating and washing your face. That’s also a big benefit for people with sensitive skin.

  • Breathable

Cotton is a very breathable material, making it greater for bath towels. The fibres in the cotton allow most of the air to pass through. This is why cotton shirts are the best during the hot days during summer.

  • Comfort

Another major benefit, especially for people with sensitive skin, is that cotton is one of the most incredibly soft and comfortable materials. It isn’t itchy like wool can be and doesn’t irritate or agitate the skin in any way.

Just like bed sheets have a thread count, towels have a range of fabric weights called GSM (Grams per Square Metre). Lightweight towels are at the beginning of the scale between 300 to 400 GSM and are typically used for towels for the gym etc. Medium towels in the 400 to 600 GSM range are perfect for beach or bath towels. Heavy-weight towels are at the end of the scale in the 600 to 900 GSM range and are considered luxury towels.

For a luxurious bath towel, we have a range of Bemboka soft cotton bath towels in Australia that come in a vast selection of contemporary and neutral colours to choose from including charcoal, grey, ink, dove, white, mocha and more. Woven in Turkey on traditional Jacquard looms, our exquisite Bemboka towels are thick, soft, highly absorbent and highly luxurious. With a weight of 650 GSM, our Bemboka towel range includes bath sheets, hand towels, bath mats and face washers.

Our Oslo bath towels in Australia are made from the epitome of luxury: Egyptian cotton. Due to its long fibres, Egyptian cotton is usually seen in fancy hotels due to its extremely high quality and elegant feel. They are long-lasting, chemical-free and are woven without a header, which means they won’t warp or shrink near the edges. Also available as bath mats, hand towels and face washers, experience elegant luxury woven from premium grade pure Egyptian cotton yarns.

When it comes to luxurious and absolutely soft bath towels in Australia, The Bedspread Shop has all your needs covered. Browse through our website to find out more about our range of beautiful and soft bath towels, and for all other information regarding our range of elegant and quality bedding.