Get Ready for Spring with Our Range of Summer Lightweight Quilts

As we leave the frosty mornings of winter behind us, we prepare ourselves for the infamous and impending Australian summer. But before the intense heat of summer can engulf Melbourne, we get to enjoy watching flowers come into bloom and parks erupt into a kaleidoscope of vibrant new colours. It’s also the perfect time to switch your bedding over to lightweight quilts as the cold touch of winter loses its grip for another year.

Here are some amazing lightweight quilts from The Bedspread Shop as we begin entering spring:

Apartment Summer Quilt

The Danish Eiderdowns Apartment Summer Quilt is one of the best light weight quilts for providing a comfortable night’s sleep as the spring nights begin to warm up. Designed exclusively for The Bedspread Shop and made right here in Melbourne, it has a fill of 90% European goose down feathers and a fill power of over 650 to provide superior insulation. It also features a 4-way temperature control as the down can move vertically and horizontally inside the casing due to its ring/dimple stitching.

Bambi Cotton Summer Quilt

Our Bambi Avoca Cotton Lightweight Summer Quilt is not only a perfect choice for the warmer spring nights but also for people that suffer from various allergies such as hay fever. It is filled with 250 gsm of pure cotton as well as its cover being made of pure cotton. As light weight quilts made from cotton do not contain any known impurities due to being a natural fibre, they are ideal for allergy sufferers who may have a hard time adjusting to spring. Because cotton also absorbs any moisture, it’s ideal for providing a comfortable and uninterrupted night’s sleep during the warmer nights.

Continental Summer Quilt

With a very lightweight fill of 30% European goose down, our exclusive Danish Eiderdowns Continental Summer Quilt is made in Australia and a perfect choice for couples searching for lightweight quilts that cater to different temperature requirements. With a unique design, the quilt is separated from top to bottom into long vertical channels to create a 2-way warmth control.

Bianca Microfibre Summer Quilt

Available in single, double, queen, king and super king sizes, our Bianca Relax Right Pure Microfibre Quilt is great for the spring and summer months. Featuring a fill of super soft microfibres to provide a luxurious and gentle feel, it showcases a beautiful diamond quilting pattern that is finished with sleek satin piping. It is also encased in a japara cover featuring a 300 thread count.

Bambi Matilda Woollen Quilt

Our Bambi Matilda Woollen Lightweight Quilts are available in a light loft fill weight of 300 gsm and a high loft fill weight of 430 gsm. With a Woolmark Gold Label license due to its exceptionally high standard of quality, it also has a high-quality 100% pre-shrunk japara cover and comes with a 5-year guarantee.

Make sure you are ready for spring and prepared for summer with our luxurious range of high-quality lightweight quilts. To learn more information about our range of quilts and bedding, browse our website today.