Comfort & warmth in Danish style bedding

Danish Eiderdowns

Warmth & weight are not exclusive!

Did you know that cosy, warmth in bed can also be super lightweight? We often confuse weight with warmth, eg big puffy eiderdowns or thick blankets will be very warm (and heavy) however the same warmth can be achieved by a cloud-like, super light Danish quilt. The secret is in the fill content of the quilt and the casing fabric. 

It's important to have a consistent, comfortable warmth in bed - our Australian winters can be chilly and being cold (or too hot) in bed is a massive sleep disrupter. To ensure that you spend your winter nights in luxurious comfort, here are our top 3 quilt collections from Danish Eiderdowns in Australia designed for lightweight, cosy warmth. 

Our quilt warmth guide is on a 1- 6 scale whereby 1 is minimum warmth and 6 is maximum warmth

Our all year rounder quilt designed by The Bedspread Shop to create a flexible warmth suitable for Apartment living and couples with varying body temps.

Approximately a quarter of the weight of most down quilts. This quilt is almost weightless, with ring / dimple stitching (the quilt is stitched together in little circles at intervals) in a batiste casing. A ring stitched quilt means you can move the down vertically and horizontally within the casing- providing warmth flexibility for couples with different body thermostats. The perfect amount of airy European down and 4-way temperature control results in a warm and lightweight quilt.

The Apartment options
Apartment Lite
| warmth rating 2
Apartment warmth rating 4 

The Loft range of quilts are our cuddliest collection. With a unique boxed cassette construction, the Lofts are cosy and warm. With 85% premium Hungarian goose down and an elegant cotton Sateen casing, this incredibly gentle and soft quilt is ideal for the cooler months. To ensure it stays lofty throughout its use, be sure to give it a vigorous shake every now and then to restore its fluffy and full loft.

The Loft options
Loft Lite | warmth rating 2
Loft warmth rating 5
Loft Extra | warmth rating 4 

Our Royale collection is our top ot the range Danish quilt. Superbly lightweight yet incredibly warm due the casing and goose down fill. Its design divides the quilt into box-like compartments and features a Swiss/German royal batiste casing that allows the quilt to remain warm, lofty and light. A 95% premium Hungarian goose down ensures that you will be sleeping in superior comfort, made from superior quality.

The Royale options
Royale Lite | warmth rating 3
Royale warmth rating 5
Royale Extra| warmth rating 6 

Make sure you are protected from the cold winter nights with our range of quilts from Danish Eiderdowns in Australia from The Bedspread Shop. For all the information you need regarding our entire range of quilts and bedding, browse our website today, and ensure you stay warm and toasty.