5 Of Our Quilts From Danish Eiderdowns In Australia That Will Keep You Snug And Warm

The Australian winter is known to be unforgiving to those of us who have grown up in this beautiful, warm and (mostly) sunny country. Winter may be on its last legs for now, but it doesn’t mean that the frosty nights and icy-cold mornings are going anywhere anytime soon. To ensure that you spend the rest of this winter in luxurious comfort, here are our top 5 quilts from Danish Eiderdowns in Australia to ensure you are warm and snug.

Winter Loft Quilt

Made right here in Melbourne, our Danish Eiderdowns Winter Loft Quilt contains 85% white goose feathers and features a fill power of over 550. This beautiful winter quilt provides a luxurious level of comfort while ensuring you are snug and toasty. Beautifully crafted with a Sateen casing, its unique boxed cassette design allows for an equal distribution of warmth throughout the entire quilt.

H&H Couples Quilt

Our H&H Couples Quilt from Danish Eiderdowns has a beautiful piped cotton Japara casing and is perfect for couples wanting to keep warm throughout winter. Featuring a unique design that allows for different warmth temperatures, it is perfect for couples that sleep better in different temperatures. This is because one side has 30% less fill than the other side, resulting in one side of the quilt to be warmer than the other side.

Loft Quilt

With a unique boxed cassette construction, our Danish Eiderdowns Loft Quilt is lofty, light and warm. With 85% premium Hungarian goose down and an elegant cotton Sateen casing, this incredibly gentle and soft quilt is ideal for the cooler months and comes with a 7-year guarantee. To ensure it stays lofty throughout its use, be sure to give it a vigorous shake every now and then to restore its fluffy and full loft.

Royale Quilt

Our Royale Quilt for Danish Eiderdowns is a beautiful and lightweight continental quilt. Its design divides the quilt into box-like compartments and features a Swiss/German royal batiste casing that allows the quilt to remain warm, lofty and light. A 95% premium Hungarian goose down ensures that you will be sleeping in superior comfort, made from superior quality.

Continental Quilt

Featuring a vertical warmth control and elegantly soft 85% premium European goose down, our Danish Eiderdowns Continental Quilt guarantees you will never find yourself shivering from the cold during the long winter nights. As another great quilt for couples that have different temperature requirements, our Continental Quilt has channelled and walled construction. This means that the quilt is divided into various vertical long channels from the bottom to the top, allowing for a unique 2-way warm control.

Make sure you are protected from the cold winter nights with our range of quilts from Danish Eiderdowns in Australia from The Bedspread Shop. For all the information you need regarding our entire range of quilts and bedding, browse our website today, and ensure you stay warm and toasty.