St Albans Alpaca Throw Rug Pinkstone
  • St Albans Alpaca Throw Rug Pinkstone
  • Soft pink, cream and white bands

St Albans Alpaca Throw Rug Pinkstone

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St Albans Alpaca Throw Rug Pinkstone


The Pinkstone throw rug is a stunning design in block stripes of soft pink, cream and white, blended with neutral grey tones.   The small ombre effect adds a subtle dimension to the fabric, enhancing its softness, both in feel and design. Soft, supple and luxuriant, St Albans Alpaca is fashioned for comfort and contentment.

Beautifully breathable, hypoallergenic and naturally water repellent, the famous wool of the Huacaya Alpaca is sourced from the highest farming region of Peru. 

122cm x 183cm

Product Features

Lightweight and breathable

Non-felting and soil-resistant

Insulating and fire-resistant


Hypo-Allergenic and Lanolin-free

Naturally soft and silky



Care Instructions

Hand-wash in warm/cold water and a dash of ‘wool wash’ detergent.

Immerse the product in water, gently moving it around | leave submerged for 5 minutes.

Rinse thoroughly rinse in cold water | line dry ( do not wring out )

Also dry cleananble