Danish Eiderdowns 95% Hungarian Goose Down Continental Quilt
  • Danish Eiderdowns 95% Hungarian Goose Down Continental Quilt
  • Batiste casing in a Boxed Cassette
  • Boxed Cassette construction
  • Boxed cassette construction

Royale Quilt | Warmth Guide 5

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Royale Quilt | Warmth Guide 5


The ultimate in lightweight, lofty warmth - light as a cloud, warm as toast

95% Hungarian goose Down

Fill Power: 800+

Warmth: Medium

Weight: Light 

A classic continental quilt constructed in a boxed cassette style(the quilt is divided into box like compartments) using the ultimate German/Swiss royal batiste casing which keeps the quilt light, lofty and warm. L
ighter than a feather with a fill weight suitable for the cooler months. 

Developed after 7 years of research and made exclusively for the Bedspread Shop. 

95% Hungarian Goose Danish Eiderdown Quilts provide superior quality and optimum comfort.

1 - 6  Warmth Guide (minimum to maximum warmth)   

The Royale is aproximately a 5 on the Warmth Guide.

Product  Details

95% Hungarian Goose Down (premium goose down)

German/Swiss batiste, boxed cassette construction

Consistent even warmth

Super lightweight

850-900 fill power down. 

Made in Australia

Casing & Construction

Cased in Royal Batiste fabric (362 thread count of 100% Egyptian cotton) woven in Germany and finished in Switzerland especially for Danish Eiderdowns - it is regarded as lightest and softest downproof in the world.

The Cassette Construction of the product ensures consistent warmth throughout.

Made under strict environmentally-friendly manufacturing processes, the Danish Eiderdown Quilt casing has been granted the Oeke-Tex 100% Ecologically Safe Textile Guarantee Label.

Filled with specially selected Hungarian Goose Down in two fill weights - standard and extra-fill. Requires a light cotton quilt cover to maximise benefits. 



Fill: The percentage of feather and down within the quilt

Fill Power: The measure of the loft of goose down. Technically it's the number of cubic inches that one ounce of down will fill. The higher the number, the more the loft, and the better the insulation the down provides.


Handy Hint

When you first unpack your new quilt, it will have virtually no air in it, so to add loft to it, just give it a vigorous shake and leave it uncovered for a while, and you will see it reconstitute to its proper loft.


Quilt care 

Danish Eiderdowns are one of Australia's leading experts in the manufacture and rejuvenation of quilts.

Please visit our Tips & Advice for more information on Quilt care 

Please note: Australian Standards 2479-1987 Tolerances allowed under the above standard are not acceptable to the ACCC, therefore there is no longer 100% labelling permitted on products.

This goose down of Hungarian origin has been processed by International Down and Feather Bureau Member to Australlian Standards.