St Albans mohair throw lilly

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Our Lilly throw with it's six colour bold block check brings together bold, on trend shades. A throw guaranteed to add some colour and fun to any contemporary living space.

Size: 122cm x 183cm

Product Features
Lightweight and breathable
Non-felting and soil-resistant
Insulating and fire-resistant
Hypo-Allergenic and Lanolin-free
Naturally soft and silky

Care Instructions
Hand-wash in warm/cold water and a dash of ‘wool wash’ detergent.
Immerse the product in water, gently moving it around | leave submerged for 5 minutes.
Rinse thoroughly rinse in cold water | line dry ( do not wring out )
Also dry cleanable

Handy Tips
Mohair likes some moisture and absorbs up to 18%.
Do not over-dry, which can make the fibres brittle and harsh.
Brush the pile top to bottom – not across.