Liberty Print Mini Lavender Sachets 3 Pack

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"In a world full of trends I want to remain a classic"

Liberty of London Est. 1875 

Synonomous wth luxurious cotton fabrics and classic, timeless prints.

Refresh your wardrobe or bed linens with Liberty print lavender sachets in the softest cotton.

Little lavender sachets are perfect for placing in linen closets and cupboard drawers for sweet smelling clothes, linens and lingerie or loop them over a coat hanger to make your wardrobe even sweeter. Try one under your pillow for blissful slip

Liberty Prints: Cosmos Meadow + Fruit Silhouette + Wiley Grove


  • Aprx 9cm square
  • 7cm square sachets ffilled with flax and lavender | loop for hanging
  • 100% fine weave cotton