His and Hers Twin Packs - two different fill weights

Danish Eiderdown Twin Pillow Pack

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Danish Eiderdown Twin Pillow Pack


Danish Eiderdowns His & Hers Twin Pack

Danish Eiderdowns 30% Goose Down Pillow packs are a great price, offering different fillweights for each pillow. 

The lower fillweight produces a low/medium pillow while the higher fillweight produces a plump pillow.

The Lower loft pillow is ideal for tummy/back sleepers or smaller frames

The Higher loft pillow accommodates larger frames/shoulder width and side sleepers


Standard Pillow Size
48 x 73 cms

Twin Pack includes:

1 Pillow 700g Fillweight 

1 Pillow 1000g Fillweight 

King Pillow Size 50 x 90 cms

Twin Pack includes:

1 Pillow 900g Fillweight 

1 Pillow 1200g Fillweight  

Pillow protectors are an absolute neccessity for protecting against dust-mites and helping to keep your pillows in good condition.


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This goose down of European origin has been processed by International Down and Feather Bureau Member to Australlian Standards.