Potuguese Matelasse Bedspreads

      Matelasse: [ mat-la-say ] Fabric woven so as to have a raised surface with a quilted appearance.The matelasse material, also known as “figured fabric” or “Marseilles cloth,” is woven from several interlocking threads and thick cotton yarns for a signature puffy, quilted appearance. The great thing about the technique is its versatility. Matelasse textiles can be heavy and bulky or lightweight and delicate.

      Matelasse Bedspreads

      Traditionally white or natural ecru cotton, the matelasse bedspread now comes in a variety of colours and can be piece dyed or yarn dyed. The type of designs used for matelasse bedspread sets include simple geometric designs, such as stripes and diamonds or some may have more elaborate floral and trellis designs.

      The fabric’s decorative appearance makes it ideal for top-of-bedding bedspreads, pillow shams and bed skirts. Because matelasse comes in so many patterns, it’s the perfect match for various décor styles, such as traditional, modern industrial, boho, rustic, French country and contemporary.

      Linensmith matelasses at The Bedspread Shop

      Portugal is the home of fine textiles, especially in the north, where they have perfected the manufacturing of beautiful cotton matelasse bedspreads. The Bedspread shop has collaborated with Portuguese manufacturers for many years and has created a classic range of matelasse bedspreads within our Linensmith label. Our two most popular matelasses are the Allegra and the Freya.

      Allegra is an elegant jacquard bedspread in the classic matelasse style created in Portugal with a small ornate design in raised cotton stitching. The Allegra drapes beautifully and is very lightweight and easy to handle. Our bedspreads are designed for Australian standard bed sizes and, depending on mattress depth, they should just skim the floor. Colours available include Sage and natural.

      Freya is a timeless matelasse bedspread set in a trellis self pattern. The pure cotton fabric is lightweight with a beautiful drape and comes with matching pillowcases. Colours available include Dijon and white.

      Freya can be used as a traditional bedspread, reaching the floor or opt for a size down and style as a coverlet or as an extra cotton layer over sheets in the warmer months.

      Are bedspreads out of style?

      Bedspreads are always in style - the design, fabrics and styles that change over the years. Traditionally a bedspread is a bedcover that falls to the floor hiding the mattress and bed base plus some can also cover the sleeping pillows with a reverse sham. The formal tailored end, reverse sham bedspread, once popular is now a rare find however bedspreads now come in many different, contemporary styles.

      What is the difference between a comforter and a bedspread?

      A comforter in the US generally means a doona/duvet- white quilted bedding filled with either down or a type of microfibre. Like our doonas, they require a cover. However a comforter can also mean a type of eiderdown ( confused yet..stay with us) Classic eiderdowns are like doonas with a non-removable cover- they are padded and quilted with a decorative pattern.

      The main difference between comforters and bedspreads is the loft of the bedcover and the size. Comforters are not designed to skim the floor, like a bedspread- they’re an additional top of the bed layer. Bedspreads can be layered with a comforter for both warmth and style.

      What is the difference between a bedspread and a coverlet?

      Coverlets are lightly padded and quilted bedcovers that are primarily designed to add either warmth or style to the bed. The size differs, too, as a coverlet will just fall on either side of the bed to cover the mattress- it’s not designed to touch the floor. They can be layered over blankets or even a bedspread as a coverlet is much smaller than a traditional bedspread.

      Where can I buy good bedsheets online?

      If you want value for money, always invest in quality sheeting- quality cotton or linen will feel better in terms of comfort and will last a lot longer than inferior fibres. The Bedspread Shop has been keeping people comfortable in bed for over 40 years - stocking quality pure 900tc Egyptian cotton sheets and beautiful brushed cotton ( flannelette ) made in Portugal. They have you covered for every season with world-class quality sheets designed for a good night's sleep.

      Which brand is best for bedding sets?

      Linensmith has a range of quality bedcovers and sheet sets in pure, natural fibres. Bedspreads, coverlets and sheets are designed in Australia and made in Portugal, the home of fine textiles.

      Which is the best quality bed sheet?

      Pure Egyptian cotton ( from EGYPT) is still preferred as the best cotton bed sheets. The cool, crisp cotton percale weave is wonderful for the warmer months, while cotton sateen sheets have a silky smooth feel with a different texture to the percale. Thread Count is a factor to consider, but it is not as important as the quality of the cotton. It's better to sleep in 250 - 300 thread count sheeting with quality long-staple cotton than a 900 thread count of inferior cotton that will eventually pill and wear out.

      What is the difference between a bed sheet and a bedspread?

      A bed sheet is a type of functional bedding that covers the mattress and is designed to be layered with blankets, coverlets, and bedspreads. A bedspread is a decorative bed cover that covers the whole bed- traditionally even the sleeping pillows and reaches the floor hiding the mattress and bed base.

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      4 products