Floral Beddings and Linen Sets

      Goodbye WInter and hello glorious Spring.

      Spring brings soft, warm days with the scent of heady jasmine and it’s traditionally a time of new beginnings. We all love a good Spring clean when we can finally pack away the winter woolies and bring in some fresh, seasonal colour.

      Refreshing your bedding is essential when the weather starts to warm up and layering your bed with breathable, lightweight cotton sheeting is the first step.

      Next is the opportunity to introduce some beautiful Spring floral bedding either in the form of bedspreads, coverlets, quilt covers or even just a few decor pieces such as cushions or throws.

      Floral prints can be full blown bouquets of colour, a subtle trellis of flowers and vines or a mono colour with a self patterned floral similar to our matelasse bedspreads ( raised stitching design ) The current trend in textile design is for big blousy florals that make an impact- in quilt covers, wallpapers and coverlets. If large floral prints are not to your taste then smaller prints in a liberty style designs are a subtle way of introducing florals to your decor.

      Traditional florals

      If you love a more traditional style of bedroom decor then you cant go past our range of quilted floral bedspreads and coverlets with matching pillow shams. The Rosedale Bedspread is one of our most popular bedspread sets. A classic, pretty English floral design on a warm white background with a scalloped edge and matching pillow shams. If you love a subtle floral, consider the Belle Bedspread - a provincial style, lightweight bedspread with gold embroidery in a trellis pattern.

      Stylised florals

      Many of our quilted coverlet sets have been influenced by vintage Jacobean florals - creating a stylised design that mixes contemporary and traditional florals. Coverlets, such as the Skye Quilted Set are a lively nod to the original Jacobean style floral. The mix of classic design and contemporary elements makes styling with both modern and vintage decor effortless. Most floral coverlets are reversible so you can maximise your styling options by reversing the coverlet or simply fold back the coverlet to reveal the complementary pattern which will add interest to your bed decor.

      Self patterned Florals

      Self patterned fabrics feature a design or motif that is woven into the fabric. The design is created by changing the direction or thickness of the weave rather than the colour. The fabric tends to be monochrome, made up of varying shades of the same colour. The classic self patterned floral is the matelasse (mat-la-say) bedspread originating in Europe and still very popular today.

      Matelasse bedspreads offer a clean slate for decorating as they're a one colour design so you can add pattern and detail with cushions and throws.

      Our Linensmith Allegra Bedspread is a beautiful jacquard with a small ornate floral design in raised stitching. Made in Portugal of pure cotton, this elegant bedspread set includes matching pillow shams

      Whether its traditional covers or a blend of modern and classic styles or simply an elegant, subtle matelasse The Bedspread Shop can help find the perfect floral.

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