European Style Bedspreads

      Bedspreads are single-layer top-of bed that cover the entire bed right down to the floor and often that can include covering the pillows too- however contemporary bedspread sets include pillow shams to complete the all over look.

      Traditional Bedspreads

      The classic European style of bedspread would often have elaborate patterns, rolled hems, quilting, tailored ends and some have a reverse sham feature.

      Some classic bedspread terminology includes:

      Tailored end bedspreads is essentially a fitted bedspread that is tailored to fit a bed's dimensions precisely. Usually used on daybeds or perhaps in a guest room, it's not all that commonly seen currently, but it was a definitely a favourite in the 1950s and 1960s. The advantage of a fitted bedspread is the minimising of fabric at the bed end corners which can be a trip hazard. Unfortunately creating the perfect ‘tailored end’ generally requires a bespoke fitting as beds now vary in depth with the addition of mattress toppers.

      Reverse sham bedspreads Cover your sleeping pillows. The bedspread has an additional fold that reverses over the pillows making sure they are hidden. Like the tailored end they are very rare finds due to the inclusion of pillow shams in most European bedspread sets.

      Rolled hem Traditional diamond quilted bedspreads may also be finished with a braided cord rolled hem. The edging or hem of the bedspread is slightly full and puffy which allows it to sit flush on the floor. Often trimmed with a plaited cord in gold or a coordinating colour. The bedspread shop has a limited collection of rolled hem bedspreads as, like the Tailored end and reverse sham they are not as popular today.

      Contemporary European style bedspreads

      European bedspreads are having a renaissance today as we see a departure from the more traditional all over bed coverage to a much more contemporary layer offering an elegant alternative to the more relaxed styling of doonas and duvets. The European bedspread style includes coordinating pillow shams - which match the fabric of the bedspread and are designed as a decorator feature - hiding your regular sleeping pillows while keeping the bed neat and coordinated.

      Many of our customers prefer a bedspread, with the addition of a blanket to a quilt or doona in the cooler months as they are easier to style and handle than a duvet and it’s cover- they also do not require much product care or washing unlike duvet covers which need to be laundered regularly.

      A classic style of European bedspread, made in Portugal is the elegant jacquard weave bedspread. Lightweight woven cotton and cotton blend bedspread sets that have a beautiful handle and drape. Quality, timeless bedding that lasts and can be effortlessly styled throughout the seasons. All our Linensmith bedspread sets are made in Europe and include coordinated pillow shams.

      The matelassé bedspread is another timeless European classic and perfect addition to a Hamptons inspired decorating style. The matelassé (mat-la-say) is a woven textile, generally in cotton with a self-pattern of raised stitching. Matelasse bedcovers are traditionally dyed in one colour however the textural surface of the design creates interest and can be layered with colourful throws or cushions. Our Linensmith collection has a variety of European bedspreads sets perfect for lovers of inspired interiors and bedroom sanctuaries.

      Our European bedspread sets can be styled to suit any decor preference ranging from Hamptons to Industrial, Modern Country to Empire Revival (Granny Chic). Creating the look you love is easy with our European bedspreads sets - simply add pattern, texture and colour with soft furnishings. Cushions and throws are the finishing touch to any decor style and can take your bed from Summer to Winter with a few easy updates.

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      12 products