Danish Eiderdown Care

      Danish Eiderdown Care

      The best way to care for your quilt is to give it a regular Airing at least twice a year and for long term care we recommend a quilt cleaning and rejuvenation by the professionals. 

      Danish Eiderdowns are one of Australias leading experts in the manufacture and rejuvenation of down quilts / pillows offering a number of different services to maintain the quality of your investment.


      Quilt Cleaning & Rejuvenation

      Our 40 years experience in quilt cleaning, quilt rejuvenation in Australia assures all our clients of a good, healthy nights sleep under their rejuvenated down quilt or down pillow.

      At The Bedspread Shop we offer 3 Services 

      1) Clean, Refresh & Loft Service   

      A complete clean of your filling and washing of your casing to be refreshed for another 12 months.

      2) Standard Quilt Clean 

      A complete cleaning of your filling and casing. with an additional top up of new down / feather filling and if required a new casing in a walled / channelled or cassette boxed style. 

      3) Deluxe Rejuvenation 

      The original service where feather/down is removed, washed, dried, lofted and sorted. 

      The quilt is then topped up with extra filling bringing it back to it’s original warmth/ loft.

      Our cover treatment involves your 100% cotton downproof fabric cover being cold washed ( to prevent shrinkage ) with a mild detergent to allow the feather/down to loft once re-filled back into cover.

      The option of a new cover is also available in either a walled/ channelled or cassette boxed style. 

      Call us for a quote and prices


      Washing a feather and down duvet is an aternative to dry cleaning however it requires time, patience and a good drying day or a trip to the laundromat. Did we mention patience?

      At home

      1) Wash early on a dry day- a dry day with a warm breeze is even better!

      2) Soak (in the bathtub) using a mild/soft detergent then rinse thoroughly.

      3) Hang on the line and fluff/shake the duvet regularly to seperate the down clusters which will speed up drying time. 

      A good drying day is very important for a speedy dry - watermarks may appear on the casing if the duvet is damp for too long.


      1) Use an XL front-loading machine at your local laundromat.

      2) Select the delicate/gentle cycle and add a small amount of mild or all-natural detergent. Too much soap      

          can strip the down, so be sparing.

      3) Run the duvet through two rinse cycles to ensure all the soap has been washed out.

      4) Dry the comforter in an XL capacity dryer on low. This may take a few hours but will ensure that all the      

          down is completely dry to prevent mold growth.

      5) Take the comforter out a few times throughout the drying process and fluff it up. The goal is to prevent      

           the down from clumping together


      Airing a duvet is an important part of down care and helps to prolong its life- airing it outside for a few hours twice a year, on a dry day is good practice

      We also recommend to fluff or shake your down quilt regularly to expand the down clusters with air and renew their loft. 

       Dry Cleaning

      Professionally dry cleaning your duvet will help preserve the down and ensure that it is washed appropriately- removing any impurities that are trapped within the fill and it will also put some spring back into the loft.

      Always enquire if your local Dry Cleaner has experience with laundering feather and down products.


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