Spoil Yourself with Our Luxurious Sheridan Towels

We normally overlook how important it is to have a comfy towel. That is until we use a freshly bought towel and notice how much of a difference it makes. Once you try our range of luxurious towels, you’ll find yourself looking for any excuse to jump back in the shower! Our Sheridan towels are designed to provide a perfect blend of premium quality and comfort and are made to be much more durable than the average towel.

Our Sheridan Egyptian towels are made from combined ring-spun certified Egyptian cotton yarns, which makes it luxuriously soft and gentle to the touch yet longer lasting for an extremely durable towel. It is finished with a beautiful border design style and is available in snow, a colour which perfectly blends into any bathroom décor whether traditional or contemporary.

You can also theme your entire bathroom with our range of Sheridan products such as a bath sheet, which is a bigger version of the queen towel, bath mats, face washers and hand towels. All are available in snow and feature the luxurious and superior Sheridan quality which has made the brand so famous.

Our Sheridan towels are also known for their greater absorption capacity, so be sure to avoid fabric softeners as they can reduce the towels absorption. We recommend using detergents that are mild and eucalyptus-based detergents for greater colour retention. An added benefit is that the more you wash them, the more gentle and softer they become as each wash will rejuvenate the towel’s fibres.

When it comes to looking for high-quality Sheridan towels for your bathroom, visit The Bedspread Shop and speak to our friendly and professional team. You can also visit our website to see our extensive range of premium bedding and bed linen.