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bed linen 101

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Crisp, cool, soft or luxuriously silky selecting a type of bed linen is really a personal choice.

Linen sheets are ideal for hotter climates because of the fabric’s natural tendency to cool; fine linen sheets can also last for decades.
We recommend Bembokas range of pure linen, stone washed sheets, made in Portugal using the finest and most durable Belgium pure linen yarns.  

are perfect for any season and have the highest wear resistance of all the principal textile fibers and they become softer with repeated washings and use.
A classic sheet for all seasons is our Rialto Egyptian cotton. 
Crisp, cool and long lasting our Rialto sheets are timeless 

Silk is not only luxurious to sleep on it’s also non allergenic and good for hot bodies in bed as it wicks away excess heat -its also rumoured to be anti aging on the skin.
Silk Magnolia have a seductively beautiful range of silk bedding to suit both traditional and contemporary tastes.


Thread count is the number of threads woven into one square cm of fabric.

You count both lengthwise (warp) and widthwise (weft) threads eg.100 lengthwise threads woven with 100 widthwise threads produce a thread count of 200.

Thread count is often considered a simple measure of fabric quality however thread count must always indicate the area to be measured ie. 900 threads per 10 square cm, otherwise it is meaningless.

he softness of your sheets depends more on the quality of the fibre used - which is why a 220 thread-count sheet can feel softer than a 500 thread count sheet that uses an inferior grade of cotton. A lower thread count sheet using long-stem Egyptian cotton will last longer than a higher thread count sheet woven from inferior cotton.

Thread count has become a popular buzz-word over the years however the type of cotton used is an essential component in creating luxurious and long-lasting sheets.



Egyptian cotton and regular cotton come from different plants therefore their properties can never be exactly the same. 

Egyptian cotton is grown within the rich soil of the Nile River Valley. The moist atmosphere provides ideal conditions to raise long cotton fibres called “staples”.  
Fibres from Egyptian cotton are substantially longer than regular cotton. The longer staple translates into more uninterrupted fibre to use when composing yarn and threads. This means there are fewer splices and therefore the threads and eventually the fabrics are stronger, softer and more lustrous than regular cotton.

Our Rialto Egyptian cotton sheets are made in Australia using genuine long staple Egyptian yarn. A favourite of customers and our staff!