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quilt care

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The best way to care for your quilt is to give it a regular airing on a dry sunny day at least twice a year and for long term care we recommend
a quilt cleaning and rejuvenation by the professionals. 

Danish Eiderdowns are one of Australias leading experts in the manufacture and rejuvenation of down quilts and pillows
offering a number of different services to maintain the quality of your investment. 

With over 40 years experience in quilt cleaning, quilt rejuvenation in Australia Danish Eiderdowns assures all
their clients of a good, 
healthy night's sleep under their rejuvenated down quilt or down pillow.


Standard Quilt Clean 

A complete cleaning of your filling and casing. with an additional top up of new down / feather filling and if required a 
new casing in a walled / channelled or cassette boxed style. 

Deluxe Rejuvenation

The original service where feather/down is removed, washed, dried, lofted and sorted. 
The quilt is then topped up with extra filling bringing it back to it’s original warmth and loft.
Our cover treatment involves your 100% cotton downproof fabric cover being cold washed ( to prevent shrinkage ) 
with a mild detergent to allow the feather/down to loft once re-filled back into cover.

The option of a new cover is also available in either a walled/ channelled or cassette boxed style. 

Please contact us for a quote on any of the above services



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