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Hotel Luxury Pillows 90% Goose Down

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Hotel Luxury Pillows 90% Goose Down


Goose Down Hotel Luxury Pillows in Australia 

An investment in ultimate sleeping comfort. Most 5 star hotels use a mix of 70% down and 30% feather. The essential ingredient for maximum comfort is the down percentage as feather is merely used as fill.

Our premium Danish Eiderdown pillows are even more luxurious than a 5 star hotel pillow with a down content of 90% (virtually 100%)

Goose down pillows are luxuriously soft, easy to shape, cool to sleep on and last a very long time. Most sleep experts recommend goose down pillows for a good night's sleep.

Hotel Luxury Low + HIgh Loft Standard Sized Pillows

90% White Goose Super Down fill

Cotton covered

Plump and comfortable

Often recommended by physiotherapists for sore necks.

Fill weight | Pillow sizes

Low Loft

480gm soft/low Standard pillow 48 x 73cm

Ideal for smaller frames and low sleepers

High Loft

670gm firm/high Standard pillow 48 x 73cm

Ideal for larger frames and high sleepers

European Pillows

780gm | 62cm x 62cm

Large square Euro Pillow - used for decoration or back rest


King Pillows

780gm | 50cm x 90cm 

The perfect pillow for king beds - for sleeping or decor


Please note:  Australian Standards 2479-1987 Tolerances allowed under the above standard are not acceptable to the ACCC, therefore there is no longer 100% labelling permitted on products