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Quilt Care

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The best way to care for your quilt is to give it a regular airing at least twice a year and for long term care we 
recommend a quilt cleaning and rejuvenation by the professionals. 

Danish Eiderdowns are one of Australias leading experts in the manufacture and rejuvenation of down
quilts / pillows offering a number of different services to maintain the quality of your investment. 
With over 40 years experience in quilt cleaning, quilt rejuvenation in Australia Danish Eiderdowns assures all
their clients of a good, 
healthy nights sleep under their rejuvenated down quilt or down pillow.


Clean, Refresh & Loft 
A complete clean of your filling and washing of your casing to be refreshed for another 12 months.

Standard Quilt Clean 
A complete cleaning of your filling and casing. with an additional top up of new down / feather filling and if required a 
new casing in a walled / channelled or cassette boxed style. 

Deluxe Rejuvenation
The original service where feather/down is removed, washed, dried, lofted and sorted. 
The quilt is then topped up with extra filling bringing it back to it’s original warmth/ loft.
Our cover treatment involves your 100% cotton downproof fabric cover being cold washed ( to prevent shrinkage ) 
with a mild detergent to allow the feather/down to loft once re-filled back into cover.
The option of a new cover is also available in either a walled/ channelled or cassette boxed style. 

Please contact us for a quote on any of the above services